Brendan and Catherine play in the clouds...St. Gallen 2012

Brendan and Catherine play in the clouds…St. Gallen 2012

Tale of the Gael is made up of a lot of musicians who can provide Celtic music for almost every occasion, and if we can’t help you ourselves, we will certainly know of a musician or a music group who can…

Tale of the Gael Duet, Catherine Rhatigan and Brendan Wade has a beautiful 17th century programme of Irish harp music with a distinct Celtic-Classical feel that works well in in the setting of a little church or a castle, for a wedding or an apero. With a selection of instruments: tinwhistle, Irish pipes, Scottish pipes, Irish harp, flute, bodhran and vocals to choose from, this duet brings the sound of Ireland to any occasion.
Tale of the Gael Trio is  as above with the addition of Dave Aebli on double bass and bouzouki.  A mini band in itself, the trio is extremely versatile, and can provide the elegance of an  Irish 18th century drawing castle as easily as  upbeat Irish dance rhythms.

Tale of the Gael  with between four six or musicians complete with a dancer, is perfect for a big stage , church, or gala, or festival event, and has a large repertoire of music  and songs stretching from 18th century melody to the upbeat energy of Ireland’s ceilidh and dance music.

Give us two hours and we’ll give you four centuries of Irish music…


Tale of the Gael: three harpers perform in KKl Lucerne, Switzerland, March 2003
Catherine Rhatigan, Margaret Rhatigan, Emer O Hara

You can book solo harp for events like gallery openings, book launches or corporate dining events.

If you would like music at your event, feel free to drop a mail with your questions, and we’ll be happy to get back to you.


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