Some interesting links:
& – websites about the ancient sites and mythology of County Sligo, plus a whole bunch of other stuff – by Martin Byrne. – Aline Marandet Photography– Durih Stuppan in Rikon bei Winterthur: handmade harps to buy, rent, and cherish– our percussion player has written a book about seaweed cookery, ‘Irish Seaweed Kitchen’

Joe McHugh – the website..

Draiocht – Website of Michael Rooney and June McCormack.

Tara Harpers – the My Space website.– piper, song writer, singer

Anne-Marie O’Farrell’s homepage. – information on authentic Irish cultural events in Switzerland, and trips to the Aran Islands music and manuscript on medieval metal strung harp – beautiful harp music from Ralf Kleeman

Henrik Norbeck’s Abc Tunes – hundreds of tunes, mostly Irish, but also features a small collection of Swedish tunes. ABC format and searchable.

Barfly – a free programme for reading and writing sheet music.

Free Sheet Music web site.

The Session – the exchange of tunes is what keeps traditional Irish music alive. This website is one way of passing on jigs, reels and other dance tunes. A gathering of celtic harps and harpers with sessions, talks and classes in Vevey, April 2012 Celtic and Swiss folk music from Nikita Pfister The finest oatcakes baked as they were 1000 years ago, smoked and flavoured. Switzerland’s own Celtic Harp Ensemble performing in Switzerland.

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