The second album ‘Another Tale of the Gael’ is now available.A mix of old harp music, dance music and singing in both Gaelic and English, we hope these fourteen tracks will bring our musical vision of Ireland to you. Harp, bouzouki, uilleann pipes, wooden and silver flute, tinwhistle, fiddle, bodhran, voices, and double bass join together as we celebrate the last twelve years of music played and sung together. Included is a beautiful 12 page booklet with song words, information about the tunes and magical photos of the Sligo-Leitrim landscape in Ireland where we first heard the music.

NOTE: The quality of the actual CD is MUCH better than the quality of these website clips. Please bear with us; we are working on improving it, but thought you might like to hear a taster anyway!!




“A Tale of hte Gael” CD cover

Album: “Tale of the Gael” Released 1999, reprinted 2003 and 2009

“this album is a fine confection of fresh local ingredients, a crisp fresh salad, where each flavour stands out at its piquant best.”

The 13-track CD “Tale of the Gael” was recorded in 1999, and is a mix of the most frequently requested music we played then. Colette Mc Devitt features on vocals, and Alan Roberts on pipes. The selection features music from the Bunting collection, dance music, and traditional unaccompanied singing in Gaelic.

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We can also supply you with copies of the “Heart and Soul of Ireland” album featuring the harp playing of Catherine and Margaret Rhatigan and other traditional players from County Sligo, Ireland. After reviewing the album Sean Laffy wrote in “The Living Tradition”

“There’s a quiet, timeless dignity in this recording, no egos, no hint of commercialism, no tip at the TAM ratings. All of the players exude joy and love for the tradition………….if you like Irish music……..this is vintage stuff, well worth un-corking! Like many a good red it benefits from breathing. I suppose thats why we call it a living tradition!”

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Brigid Cruise sheet music

Brigit Cruise, original score from the Bunting collection

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