Special projects

Cairo to Connemara: 2020 with The Atlantic Orchestra Project in Switzerland

‘Reverberations: Voices and Melodies from Joyce’s Ireland’  2017 -2019 scripted by Catherine Rhatigan for University of Zurich,  also performed by Tale of the Gael in University of Dortmund and University of Bokum, Germany and for the University of Geneva, Switzerland

Cannon in Sea: Sligo 2018 script, original music and production Catherine Rhatigan, performed by The Atlantic Orchestra Project for Spanish Armada Ireland. Traditional and other music arranged by group members.

Ireland: 100 Years a Nation: 2016 scripted and directed by Catherine Rhatigan for the Department of Foreign Affairs, Ireland and performed by Tale of the Gael for the Embassies of Ireland in Switzerland, Austria, Slovakia and the Czech Republic                                                                               see ‘past events’

‘Lady Gregory’s Legacy’  2015 written by Catherine Rhatigan  and performed by ‘Tale of the Gael in Lough Cutra Castle Galway, Ireland        scroll for details

The Poet and the Harper: 2014 – 2015  Turlough O Carolan and WB Yeats scripted by Catherine Rhatigan, performed by Tale of the Gael, Switzerland, Austria, Slovakia, Ireland                                     scroll for details

Remembering Brian Boru scripted by Catherine Rhatigan. Ireland, France Switzerland 2014

The Flight of the Earls concert series in Switzerland and Italy 2008


Lady Gregory’s Legacy

Lady Augusta Isabella Gregory, 12th July 1911

Lady Augusta Isabella Gregory, 12th July 1911

Mother, socialite, folklorist, traveller, landlady, lover, writer, patron ,activist and Gaelic speaker,  Lady Augusta Isabella Gregory is well known for her role as a founding member of the The Abbey Theatre, Dublin, and as close friend of WB Yeats.  Less public is her life as a London socialite, her interest in European architecture, the politics of her day and the fact that she spoke with a charming lisp…Tale of the Gael tells a carefully researched tale of a woman who influenced  the social and literary currents of her time, and was  equally influenced by them…

Often defined in terms of others, this well researched evening with Tale of the Gael presents Lady Gregory as herself.  Their trademark blend of traditional music with  classical overtones provide the perfect backdrop for a woman whose story is synonomous with Irish culture, but whose early experiences were  colonially British and European.  

 Performances see here:

 ‘The Poet and The Harper: Turlough O Carolan and WB Yeats’              written by Catherine Rhatigan and performed by Tale of the Gael, Ireland 2014-2015

A small wire harp in the style of the Brian Boru or Trinity Harp.

A small wire harp similar to the instrument used by Turlough O Carolan

Though two centuries apart, poet W.B. Yeats and harper/composer Turlough O Carolan were often artistically influenced by similar themes. Both men, for example cite the beautiful west of Ireland landscape as an inspiration, and fairies as a muse. Both had hopeless romantic aspirations, and both relied heavily on patronage…Tale of the Gael takes aspects of these fascinating and creative lives and weaves them into a 90 minute presentation that entertains and delights while placing the works of these men into the context of their time. First performed in  Drumcliffe Church during the Yeats International Summer School in August 2013, the performance was also staged for the Geneva Literary Society in November of the same year, and again in Ireland in early summer of 2014

Best described as traditional with a classical twist, audience friendly, entertaining and informative, this presentation draws together different threads from the same weave, leaving the audience with a rich picture of the creative forces at work in the west over the last two centuries, not to mention a head full of the finest melodies and poetry…

For more Past Performances see here

Comments from the Guest Book: 2013/14

what visitors to Ireland were saying about our music in the 12th century...

…what visitors to Ireland were saying about our music in the 12th century…

‘Absolutely fascinating…’

‘ Not only a fabulous choice of music but informative too, well done everyone.’

‘Could have stayed there another hour…’

Very, very well put together…and completely entertaining

Another great evening from Geneva Literary Aid, thanks





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